The Marruca (6846L) project is set to be a focus of MRG’s highly cost-effective HMS exploration model after the Company received the final grant of the exploration licence in late 2020.

Marruca is contiguous with MRG’s Marão (6842L) project. Together, the two projects comprise a total of 385km2 with approximately 75km of strike of interpreted palaeocoastline. The project is 30km from an on strike in the same paleo dune system as the world-class Corridor Sands Operation.

In late 2021, MRG received an Environmental Licence for the Marruca (6846L) tenement, allowing progression from hand auger to “machine driven” exploration in the form of aircore (AC) drilling.

In 2022, MRG will carry out auger drilling at Marruca to identify targets, before planning and undertaking an AC drilling program.

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